Riding Tuition, BUCS and Schools Training

Summerhouse is the perfect place to develop your training in any area of equitation. We have a highly qualified equine team with both competition and industry experience, who will encourage positive and progressive learning to help you perform at your best. With the help of our top-class facilities, you also have the opportunity to practise in the perfect environment.

With a wide range of horses, we have something to suit any ability or type of rider. There are no limits to our tuition services.

Summerhouse also benefits from partnerships with BUCS, Pony Club and the British Horse Society which help provide structure and motivation for our clients’ tuition. For example, our Young Equestrians Club has a key focus on pony club badges and riding tests which encourage our clients to aim high and exceed their own expectations.

We offer riding tuition seven days a week, with daytime and evening classes available. Private, shared and group sessions, including lunge lesson and stable management sessions, are all on offer. If you have any specific requests, we are open to suggestions, please do ask. We also run specific exam training, intensive training days, as well as training towards competitions, and offer an annual in-house Summer Show, there really is something for everyone!

Lesson Costs

Training Packages For Universities & Schools

We currently run weekly training groups for Bath, Bristol, UWE and Gloucestershire Universities as well as offering intensive training days for Universities that have further to travel such as Swansea University who come to us for the quality of instruction and schoolmaster horses.

We can organise weekly sessions to fit in with university recreational sports activities. We train 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams as well as holding introductory trial days, team selections, organising and running regional BUCS competitions, providing facilities and horses for the entire event. We also arrange home friendly competitions and festive fun days. Anything is possible, just ask!

We offer discounts for students and regular riders, including our 10 lessons for the price of 9 offer, daily Facebook deals and seasonal promotions.

Summerhouse can even facilitate your entire event providing all of the following and more:
  • Indoor and outdoor, dressage arenas including set up
  • BS Show Jumping Course 
  • Professional course designed by qualified BS Course Builders
  • Warm up arenas and relevant equipment
  • Horses for the entire day for all sections (ranging between Stage 2 – Stage 4, schoolmasters and BHSI level)
  • An Events Co-Ordinator for the day
  • Qualified first aider for your event

We will make sure everything is prepared and sorted prior to the event, as well as the running of the show on the day to make sure everything goes smoothly. Please contact us for a competitive quote

“Situated in Gloucester, Summerhouse brings BUCS & Recreational riders much closer to one another, one of the reasons for our move. Summerhouse offers something for everyone, from schoolmasters to beginner horses. Therefore, throughout the year we will be hosting clinics and competitions, as well as lessons at Summerhouse. All the instructors are fully qualified and have their unique ways of teaching and make every lesson fun! We can’t wait for all of you to come and share the Summerhouse experience!” – UWE riding club

Just For Schools

We arrange weekly riding sessions, stable management lessons and activity days for the following local schools:

  • Cheltenham Ladies College
  • Cheltenham College
  • Cotswold Chine School
  • Dean Close Prep School
  • Dean Close Senior School
  • Wycliffe College

We run an in-house award system, giving each and every individual student structure and guidance. We can also offer advanced training for teams, competition preparation and can organise mock competition days. Further to offering riding tuition, we also offer top class livery, schooling and training for your horse or pony. Our dedicated competition yard can help with training for both horse and rider when busy during term time, or aid during the school holidays.

Pony Club and Young Equestrian Activities

Pony Club is open to anyone between the ages of 5-18 If you love horses, enjoy riding and spending time with them, then the Pony Club is for you. Please see the Pony Club website – www.pcuk.org for membership forms.

Saddle Club is a unique chance to gain the knowledge and practical skills of taking care of a pony. Every month there is a Badge Day which is an opportunity to earn a badge to prove your skills and knowledge on the chosen subject.

In Saddle club there is also training provided to work towards the care section of the Pony Club Tests which range from E Test (basic level) – A Test (highest level). The Pony Club tests have practical and riding elements. These practical skills are covered in Saddle Club.

Young Equestrians is a programme created the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) in collaboration with The Pony Club. Thanks to Sport England funding, the project encourages young people aged 13-18 to reconnect and engage with equestrian sport.

Summerhouse is also home to Barbie, Sparkle and Beauty, our 3 American Miniature horses – The trio are the perfect birthday party hosts and are available to make your birthday dreams come true.

Saddle and Pony Club Timetable

Young Equestrian Activities

Mini Party Packages

Riding Information

2 ft / 61 cm
2.1 ft / 63.5 cm
2.2 ft / 66 cm
2.3 ft / 68.6 cm
2.4 ft / 71.1 cm
2.5 ft / 73.7 cm
2.6 ft / 76.2 cm
2.7 ft / 78.7 cm
2.8 ft / 81.3 cm
2.9 ft / 83.8 cm
2.10 ft / 86.4 cm
2.11 ft / 88.9 cm
3 ft / 91.4 cm
3.1 ft / 94 cm
3.2 ft / 96.5 cm
3.3 ft / 99.1 cm
3.4 ft / 101.6 cm
3.5 ft / 104.1 cm
3.6 ft / 106.7 cm
3.7 ft / 109.2 cm
3.8 ft / 111.8 cm
3.9 ft / 114.3 cm
3.10 ft / 116.8 cm
3.11 ft / 119.4 cm
4 ft / 121.9 cm
4.1 ft / 124.5 cm
4.2 ft / 127 cm
4.3 ft / 129.5 cm
4.4 ft / 132.1 cm
4.5 ft / 134.6 cm
4.6 ft / 137.2 cm
4.7 ft / 139.7 cm
4.8 ft / 142.2 cm
4.9 ft / 144.8 cm
4.10 ft / 147.3 cm
4.11 ft / 149.9 cm
5 ft / 152.4 cm
5.1 ft / 154.9 cm
5.2 ft / 157.5 cm
5.3 ft / 160 cm
5.4 ft / 162.6 cm
5.5 ft / 165.1 cm
5.6 ft / 167.6 cm
5.7 ft / 170.2 cm
5.8 ft / 172.7 cm
5.9 ft / 175.3 cm
5.10 ft / 177.8 cm
5.11 ft / 180.3 cm
6 ft / 182.9 cm
6.1 ft / 185.4 cm
6.2 ft / 188 cm
6.3 ft / 190.5 cm
6.4 ft / 193 cm
6.5 ft / 195.6 cm
6.6 ft / 198.1 cm
6.7 ft / 200.7 cm
6.8 ft / 203.2 cm
6.9 ft / 205.7 cm
6.10 ft / 208.3 cm
6.11 ft / 210.8 cm
2st 0lb / 12.7kg
2st 1lb / 13.2kg
2st 2lb / 13.6kg
2st 3lb / 14.1kg
2st 4lb / 14.5kg
2st 5lb / 15kg
2st 6lb / 15.4kg
2st 7lb / 15.9kg
2st 8lb / 16.3kg
2st 9lb / 16.8kg
2st 10lb / 17.2kg
2st 11lb / 17.7kg
2st 12lb / 18.1kg
2st 13lb / 18.6kg
3st 1lb / 19.5kg
3st 2lb / 20kg
3st 3lb / 20.4kg
3st 4lb / 20.9kg
3st 5lb / 21.3kg
3st 6lb / 21.8kg
3st 7lb / 22.2kg
3st 8lb / 22.7kg
3st 9lb / 23.1kg
3st 10lb / 23.6kg
3st 11lb / 24kg
3st 12lb / 24.5kg
3st 13lb / 24.9kg
4st 0lb / 25.4kg
4st 1lb / 25.9kg
4st 2lb 26.3kg
4st 3lb / 26.8kg
4st 4lb / 27.2kg
4st 5lb / 27.7kg
4st 6lb / 28.1kg
4st 7lb / 28.6kg
4st 8lb / 29kg
4st 9lb / 29.5kg
4st 11lb / 30.4kg
4st 12lb / 30.8kg
4st 13lb / 31.3kg
5st 0lb / 31.8kg
5st 1lb 32.2kg
5st 2lb / 32.7kg
5st 3lb / 33.1kg
5st 4lb / 33.6kg
5st 5lb / 34kg
5st 6lb / 34.5kg
5st 7lb / 34.9kg
5st 8lb / 35.4kg
5st 9lb / 35.8kg
5st 10lb / 36.3kg
5st 11lb 36.7kg
5st 12lb / 37.2kg
5st 13lb 37.6kg
6st 0lb / 38.1kg
6st 1lb / 38.6kg
6st 2lb / 39kg
6st 3lb / 39.5kg
6st 4lb / 39.9kg
6st 5lb / 40.4kg
6st 6lb / 40.8kg
6st 7lb / 41.3kg
6st 8lb / 41.7kg
6st 9lb / 42.2kg
6st 10lb / 42.6kg
6st 11lb / 43.1kg
6st 12lb / 43.5kg
6st 13lb / 44kg
7st 0lb / 44.5kg
7st 1lb / 44.9kg
7st 2lb / 45.4kg
7st 3lb / 45.8kg
7st 4lb / 46.3kg
7st 5lb / 46.7kg
7st 6lb / 47.2kg
7st 7lb / 47.6kg
7st 8lb / 48.1kg
7st 9lb / 48.5kg
7st 10lb / 49kg
7st 11lb / 49.4kg
7st 12lb / 49.9kg
7st 13lb / 50.3kg
8st 0lb / 50.8kg
8st 1lb / 51.3kg
8st 2lb / 51.7kg
8st 3lb / 52.2kg
8st 4lb / 52.6kg
8st 5lb / 53.1kg
8st 6lb / 53.5kg
8st 7lb / 54kg
8st 8lb / 54.4kg
8st 9lb / 54.9kg
8st 10lb / 55.3kg
8st 11lb / 55.8kg
8st 12lb / 56.2kg
8st 13lb / 56.7kg
9st 0lb / 57.2kg
9st 1lb / 57.6kg
9st 2lb / 58.1kg
9st 3lb / 58.5kg
9st 4lb / 59kg
9st 5lb / 59.4kg
9st 6lb / 59.9kg
9st 7lb / 60.3kg
9st 8lb / 60.8kg
9st 9lb / 61.2kg
9st 10lb / 61.7kg
9st 11lb / 62.1kg
9st 12lb / 62.6kg
9st 13lb / 63kg
10st 0lb / 63.5kg
10st 1lb / 64kg
10st 2lb / 64.4kg
10st 3lb / 64.9kg
10st 4lb / 65.3kg
10st 5lb / 65.8kg
10st 6lb / 66.2kg
10st 7lb / 66.7kg
10st 8lb / 67.1kg
10st 9lb / 67.6kg
10st 10lb / 68kg
10st 11lb / 68.5kg
10st 12lb / 68.9kg
10st 13lb / 69.4kg
11st 0lb / 69.9kg
11st 1lb / 70.3kg
11st 2lb / 70.8kg
11st 3lb / 71.2kg
11st 4lb / 71.7kg
11st 5lb / 72.1kg
11st 6lb / 72.6kg
11st 7lb / 73kg
11st 8lb / 73.5kg
11st 9lb / 73.9kg
11st 10lb / 74.4kg
11st 11lb / 74.8kg
11st 12lb / 75.3kg
11st 13lb / 75.7kg
12st 0lb / 76.2kg
12st 1lb / 76.7kg
12st 2lb / 77.1kg
12st 3lb / 77.6kg
12st 4lb / 78kg
12st 5lb / 78.5kg
12st 6lb / 78.9kg
12st 7lb / 79.4kg
12st 8lb / 79.8kg
12st 9lb / 80.3kg
12st 10lb / 80.7kg
12st 11lb / 81.2kg
12st 12lb / 81.6kg
12st 13lb / 82.1kg
13st 0lb / 82.6kg
13st 1lb / 83kg
13st 2lb / 83.5kg
13st 3lb / 83.9kg
13st 4lb / 84.4kg
13st 5lb / 84.8kg
13st 6lb / 85.3kg
13st 7lb / 85.7kg
13st 8lb / 86.2kg
13st 9lb / 86.6kg
13st 10lb / 87.1kg
13st 11lb / 87.5kg
13st 12lb / 88kg
13st 13lb / 88.5kg
14st 0lb / 88.9kg
14st 1lb / 89.4kg
14st 2lb / 89.8kg
14st 3lb / 90.3kg
14st 4lb / 90.7kg
14st 5lb / 91.2kg
14st 6lb / 91.6kg
14st 7lb / 92.1kg
14st 8lb / 92.5kg
14st 9lb / 93kg
14st 10lb / 93.4kg
14st 11lb / 93.9kg
14st 12lb / 94.3kg
14st 13lb / 94.8kg
15st 0lb / 95.3kg
15st 1lb / 95.7kg
15st 2lb / 96.2kg
15st 3lb / 96.6kg
15st 4lb / 97.1kg
15st 5lb / 97.5kg
15st 6lb / 98kg
15st 7lb / 98.4kg
15st 8lb / 98.9kg
15st 9lb / 99.3kg
15st 10lb / 99.8kg
15st 11lb / 100.2kg
15st 12lb / 100.7kg
15st 13lb / 101.1kg
Less Fregrently
Start, Stop & Steering (A)
Walk, Rising Trot (B)
Walk, Trot Canter Work Over Poles (C)
Walk, Trot Without Stirrups, Canter With Stirrups & Jump Up 2ft Competently (D)
Fully Competent Walk, Trot, Canter & Capable Of Jumping Between 2ft-2ft 6 (E)
Showing Development Towards Working Horses In An Outline, Jumping 2ft 6 (F)
Riding Horses Forward, In An Outline, Jumping 3ft Plus Competently (G)
Mount & Dismount
Stop, Go & Steer
Check My Diagonal
Hack Out
Adjust Stirrups & Girth
Tie Up/Untie & Lead Out
Groom & Tack Up
Jump A Course Of SJ Fences Indoors
Jump A Course Of SJ Fences Outdoors
Ride Outside In An Open Space In Control
Cross Country In The Field
Ride A Horse In An Outline

Personal Referral/Word of Mouth
Show Visit
Other Yard
Birthday Party Visit
School Visit
Driving Past

I acknowledge that riding is a risk sport and participation may hold potential danger, and that all horses may react unpredictably on occasions. I understand that I must obey the instruction of the ride escort or instructor. 24 hours notice is required to cancel or rearrange a lesson, horses are not guaranteed“ you may be asked to ride inside or outside.

I confirm that I have read and understand the terms and conditions (which can be found in the welcome pack, on request at Reception or on our website www.summerhouseequestrian.com) and to the best of my knowledge all the above details are correct.

This form must be completed by a parent or guardian of riders under the age of 16. By submitting this form you agree to our terms and conditions that can be found at www.summerhouseequestrian.com

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