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At the Summerhouse Therapy & Rehabilitation Centre we have the latest design of the Activo-Med water treadmill. Activo-Med have been producing water treadmills for over 17 years with over 80 installations throughout Europe and the U.K. Each horse is treated as an individual and a treatment/exercise plan is tailored accordingly. The treadmill is used to improve core strength, muscle development and stride length and is an ideal compliment as part of regular training and is suitable for all horses and ponies whatever their abilities. One of  most important things is that the horse enjoys the experience, and the treadmill gives them a lot of confidence in their own ability to carry themselves and engage their core when working independently without a rider asking them to do so.

The water treadmill is also used for horses coming back from injury (including tendons/ligaments injuries, fractures and kissing spine), being a completely safe and controlled environment. The horse works at a controlled speed in water which provides resistance, buoyancy, reduced concussion and cold water therapy.


Summerhouse has tailored packages as well as individual sessions available to suit your horses needs. Major benefits for all horses include:

  • Work in a natural exercise medium with therapeutic elements
  • Creates a gentle resistance that helps to strengthen the horse’s body
  • Resistance from water builds strength and stamina
  • Controlled supervised hydrokinetic exercise promoting aerobic activity, and has a cooling effect for muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints, aiding rehabilitation as well as limiting chances of injury
  • Improves straightness
  • Gait/biomechanical modification and improvement, such as improved joint mobility and strength
  • Substantial reduction in weight-bearing exercise


Our new facilities consist of the following

  • New purpose built spacious barn with natural light.
  • All staff trained by German vet and expert in hydrotherapy, Dr Matthias Baumann.
  • Latest model 2017. The only Activo-med water treadmill that offers an incline option as well, which provides the horse with extra fitness options.
  • Strong bio-security policy, water treadmill disinfected after each session.
  • Fees affordable to build into regular training programme.
  • No nappies restricting the horses natural movement.
  • There are NO chemicals needed to keep water clean due to the efficiency of the filtration system.

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